Younger Jo

I am a game developer and a software engineer. I have been working in the game industry and the startup scene for over 16 years. I am interested in game development, web technologies, and cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence.


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gptshare is a GPTs directory service to help you find the best GPTs just for you. Share your custom GPTs with the world!

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Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence with AI Trivia, the ultimate trivia gaming experience!


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GPT Room Escape

You find yourself suddenly trapped in an unfamiliar room.

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Meditation in Arrakis

Become Paul Atreides and embark on a journey of deep enlightenment.

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Critical News Reading

Critically analyzes news articles by copy-pasting the content or URL of the news.

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Uncommon Pretty Girl Lootbox Simulator

Draw pretty girl characters from the lootboxes. You can talk to them if you like!